The real estate market often fluctuates favoring either the buyer or the seller.  This is the strongest seller's market we have seen in years, making the buying process frustrating for those seeking to purchase a new home.

So how do buyers relieve the stress and overcome a Seller's Market? Below are some quick tips to help you bring your "A" game:

1. Make your best offer:

Buying what we want for as little money as possible is something we all have in common; offering lower than asking price is a reasonable strategy, especially if a home is overpriced. But, this tactic doesn't always work in a Seller's Market. With a shortage of inventory and fierce competition, you want to come in with a strong opening offer.

2. Move quickly - Don't over analyze:

After you determine the type of home/features you are looking for, location, and price range don't wait to make an offer. Give yourself leverage and be prepared to make an offer quickly. It helps to get pre-approved before viewing homes.

3. Work with an experienced agent:

Having a seasoned Real Estate Agent on your side can make all the difference; they know the market, the area, and are ready to help you make your move.

4. Pre-approval is everything

Get pre-approved before viewing homes; prove to the Seller you are a qualified Buyer.