Hi, I'm Tom Wilhelm...

This Memorial Day as you head out to your favorite parade, I just want you to reflect and remember what this day is really about.

Memorial Day is about the Men and Women who made the ultimate sacrifice. The sacrifice that allowed the rest of us to have our Freedom.  So, I ask you to please, take this a step further... Reach out to our Vets and thank them with a random act of kindness!  These men and women need to know they are truly appreciated, and that this day is not another day off from work, "circus of politicians" running for office.

If you have a neighbor, or know a vet, go to them and ask "WHAT CAN I DO FOR YOU?".  The reward is priceless, so please...PAY IT FORWARD!

To show your appreciation and support to Disabled Veterans please copy and paste this link into your browser.



Thank you.