Were in a drought! Burn bans, firework bans, it a catastrophe! Well, you would think so based on my Facebook news feed.

I find this more of a relief than anything for 2 reasons:

1. The "rules don't apply to me people" they are everywhere, and that's ok, this may make them think a little bit harder before they light that mortar in a heavily treed neighborhood like my own and burn my house down.

2. Money. Face it, you go to the firework tent with every intention of only spending "a little bit." $700.00 later you are now everyone's FREE show, I now have an excuse to drive on by and tell myself that it's because I don't want to get a fine.

This ban is also forcing myself and probably many others seeking refuge to watch a more "public" display instead of ooooohhhing and ahhhing at your neighbors battling it out as to who had the biggest and best, and of course who shoots the LAST round.

Take advantage of this "ban" and go appreciate some of these awesome public displays I have listed below.

Lake Orion: Dueling Fireworks, they are stepping it up and creating a new generation of Firework Shows. http://www.theoaklandpress.com/general-news/20160629/lake-orion-initiates-dueling-fireworks-display

Clarkston: Independence Fest. Make this a whole day event, wear the kids out so you may have a chance of enjoying a quiet glass of wine when you get home. http://independencefest.org/

Pontiac: Rib Fest. It's a Holiday Weekend. No dieting allowed. This is a weekend long event, sure to make you full. http://oaklandcountymoms.com/michigan-rib-fest-2016-47775/

Waterford: Now is the time to make some new friends on Maceday Lake, because that is where the fun is happening. https://michiganfireworks.com/by-city/waterford-michigan/

For more check out http://oaklandcountymoms.com/oakland-county-fireworks-2016-37677/

Have a Safe 4th of July Weekend and don't be the fire starter!