You decided, it's time to either sell or buy a house. That task can seem daunting. The paperwork, the marketing, open houses that tie up your weekends. The ENTIRE PROCESS! This is why we NEVER recommend you go at this alone. Leave it up to the professionals that have put in countless hours, training, and sleepless nights to make sure the biggest expenditure of your life, goes smoothly.

So you need to choose an agent. Sure you may have friends and family in the biz. That's a no brainer, always reach out to them first even if you think it's not an area or property type they specialize in, chances are we do or will especially for people we know. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS ASK!!! PLEASE?

If I have to emphasize one point in this whole blog. IF YOUR BUYING A HOME ALWAYS USE AN AGENT. WE DO NOT CHARGE YOU COMMISSION!!!! The seller side is responsible for paying agents the commissions, not you as a buyer. Use us, that is what we are here for, especially if your a first timer.

Don't get caught up in the name of the Agency itself. Just because you hear those names thrown around all the time does not necessarily mean all their agents have expertise. Agents are independent, they basically own their own business. The name backing them does not mean anything. ESPECIALLY WHEN LISTING A HOUSE. Be careful, sometimes if you go with a huge name, you get passed along to one of their many assistants and you just become a number, and lost in the shuffle. 

Your agent becomes your new shrink, BFF, confidant... your agent will see your best and ugliest sides. You agent may have to play the role as marriage counselor from time to time. Your agent may have to fight (not physically) tooth and nail to get things to happen for you... this is why choosing an agent is probably the most important part of the whole process.

Look at Independent Brokerage Firms, just because they don't have a gazillion offices nationwide doesn't make their agents any less capable. In fact... those successful Independent Brokerage firms that are thriving tend to have the more experienced passionate agents. Don't forget about those guys.

Once you find your agent and you've bonded after midnight texts, the rollercoaster of the financing end, and a successful closing....don't forget about them. Refer them to your friends and family!