Cool thing about the wonderful world of internet searching is coming across neat little Fix-its and Household Hints, usually you come across them AFTER you needed it, but keep following this blog and I will post a cool one daily.

Did you know there is a BEST TIME TO VACUUM? Say what? How come I never knew this? I have animals, hairy, shedding beasts that require me to vacuum at least twice a day. I HATE my vacuum because half the time I feel like its just blowing the dog hair back in the air, so when I turn around it's still there.

Vacuum when it's rainy or humid out side. Makes total sense. Open the windows, the moisture in the air will help prevent dust and pet hair from flying and landing on your floor again! Which brings me to the next cool tip I came across - getting sand or dust (from vacuuming on a not so humid day) in your eye...

Natural reaction is to rub your eye, not good, makes it worse (common sense we know it, but still do it). Last thing I know I want to do is flush my eye out with water, messy and uncomfortable. BUT, an easy way to get something out is cut an onion! The natural tears should wash it away.

If you are lucky and onions do not phase you - pull your lashes so your upper lid is away from your eye, blow you nose 3 times, the pressure should make the object fly out of your eye.

Hope this comes in handy!