Found your dream house in your perfect neighborhood. Priced just right for you budget. This is it! You tell your agent to write up the offer! You start planning your paint colors, where your furniture is going to go, your garden and how your going to fence in the yard for the dogs and kids.  This is to good to be true!!! 

Your right. It is. You get the call from your Realtor... "There are multiple offers, the seller is asking for highest and best by 12noon Tuesday".  Emotions take over. Anxiety kicks in. You already offered at the top of your budget. This IS your highest and best. You stick to your offer only to lose out.

Sound familiar?  Seems to be a common trend in todays hot sellers market. More buyers than inventory.  You do have options.

Do you have time? Why not skip the emotional rollercoaster and build your dream home. Lots are still inexpensive, and it's a lot more fun picking out décor selections than tearing out someone's old smelly carpet.  Click the link below to start searching for your vacant land

No time to build? Here are some tips and tricks to outsmart your competition.

Just started your buying process? Is the current market scaring you? Here are tons of recourses to get you ahead of the curve  /Web/AR642327/Linkout/index/5306164

Check the current mortgage rates to see how much of a home you can afford /Web/AR642327/Mortgage/index/1

Happy Bidding!